“After my knee replacement I went home with home health and it took three times as long to recover than my rehab after hip replacement rehab at Spring Lake. Don’t hesitate a second to go to Spring Lake, Experience what I Experienced”
Sally C.

“One of the most unique facilities I’ve ever seen in the country and I have seen a lot owning my own wheelchair transport business. The Prehab that my surgeon recommended for me at Spring Lake gave me a great deal of advanced preparation before my surgery, Physical and Occupational Therapy had a game plan for me of what they were going to do”
Elliott M.

“I was told that I would never walk again without a walker but after my rehab at Spring Lake I am now able to get back to line dancing. I’ve told many and I’ve got many more to go, don’t go to any other place. You’re going to win the battle at Spring Lake”
Patricia F.

“Spring Lake provides advanced, compassionate cardiac care in a private setting.”    
Dr. Anthony Lombardo, board certified cardiologist

“I refer my patients to SL because its personnel is committed to dedicated quality healthcare in a safe and friendly environment.”    
Dr. Jose Salas-Martinez